Tuesday, March 03, 2009



Neal Adams said...

The upper part of the legs are detached from the body.
You should have put the 'diaper' on AFTER you
figured out what was happening with the hips and the upper part of the legs.
The information underneath the 'diaper' affects the shape of the diaper itself.
Look for the overall flow
-the hands from the forearms, the forearms from the upper arms, the upper arms from the shoulders,
the feet from the lower legs, the lower legs from the hips, the hips from the lower region of the torso,
the lower region of the torso from the upper region- it will give your drawing unity ( pull it together ). Think of your drawing as one overall piece top to bottom NOT a series of segments.Work on the details ( ie -clothing fabric and wrinkles, etc.) AFTER you construct the figure.

James Dylan said...

Thanks Neal! always appreciate a good constructive critique.. especially someone of your status!

jay fabares said...

whoa.. cool :)

glad you're postin stuff james ;) post that sumo guy from tonight!